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Meet SUNNY, Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union’s AI Powered Chatbot!

FICANEX® is thrilled to announce that Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union (SASCU) has just launched Sunny, a fully customized AI-powered chatbot. With community and financial education being part of SASCU’s core values, Sunny enables members to take control of their banking experience by delivering answers to their questions at their fingertips. Through AI and machine learning capabilities, Sunny offers personalized and conversational support for SASCU members and site visitors needing assistance while navigating the many products and services offered at sascu.com.

Powered by extensive data analytics provided by tunl.chat, Sunny’s main goal is to help improve the overall member experience. This means more opportunities for SASCU employees to focus on high-touch interactions.

“As our communities become much more savvy in terms of their online experience, we’ve developed a higher appreciation of how we can provide great online convenience,” said Barry Delaney, Chief Executive Officer at SASCU. “Offering nearly 20,000 members a self-serve feature that is interactive and easy to use was an easy decision to make. Sunny delivers answers for our members quickly, with ease and convenience, anytime they need them. With already proven success in other communities, Sunny is a great complement to the member-focused experience we offer at sascu.com.”

“Working with an institution that truly champions the interests of their clients above anything else was a remarkable honor for our team. Customizing our solution so it will become the hallmark of member experience for SASCU results in a more convenient and personalized approach to delivering financial services and I look forward to watching how this new channel will create unique and elevated experiences for the Salmon Arm member community.” says Andrew Obee, President of FICANEX.

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